Litigation Support for Civil Trials in New Hampshire

Through Ducharme Resolutions, noted New Hampshire trial attorney Dennis T. Ducharme puts his expertise to work for attorneys who need extra support bringing civil cases to trial. Dennis' reputation as a tactician and advocate has earned him a reputation as a "go to" person to get tough cases resolved favorably or tried successfully.

Since Dennis began practicing in New Hampshire in 1985, he has tried more than 175 cases, including cases in every county in the state and in the United States District Court. His experience includes countless trials involving automobile and premises liability cases, as well as products liability claims, school law cases, civil rights claims, and employment cases.

Dennis has been named by Best Lawyers in America as one of the best personal injury litigators each year since 2005. His work in the insurance defense field earned him nomination and induction into the International Association of Defense Counsel. He is a frequent Continuing Legal Education speaker on topics involving litigation, advocacy, evidence and trial tactics. Read more about Dennis Ducharme's experience.


Litigation support services for both plaintiffs and defendants include:

  • Case Screening and Evaluation
  • Drafting of Complaints
  • Discovery Support
  • Strategic Consultation
  • Jury Selection/Voir Dire
  • Trial prep/Trial
  • Appeals (including drafting or editing briefs and oral argument if needed)
  • Settlement Evaluations, Negotiation Strategy, and Assistance at Mediation
  • Insurance Coverage Analysis
  • Expert Witness Services



Whose insurance covers the work provided by Ducharme Resolutions?
Ducharme Resolutions is fully insured with its own malpractice policy. Whether your policy provides additional coverage for affiliated work is a question to consider with your own carrier.

Are brief consultations welcomed?
Yes, no trial or litigation related question is too small to consider.

What types of one-time or project-based consultations might be appropriate?
"DeBenedetto" analysis, discovery issues, evidentiary issues, procedural issues and jury selection are just a few short-term tasks undertaken by Ducharme Resolutions.

What guidelines apply for confidentiality and conflicts of interest?
Because Ducharme Resolutions has only one carrier that it works with regularly, each case is subject to a conflict check by party name only. Ducharme Resolutions has no exclusive relationship with any insurance carrier and will take cases for or against any carrier based on individual case considerations.

Whose obligation is the fee for consultations?
It is expected that the attorney retaining Ducharme Resolutions will pay all fees due. It is the obligation of retaining counsel to gain their client's approval to retain Ducharme Resolutions. Plaintiff counsel must obtain the assent of the approval of their client for fee sharing pursuant to the rules of professional conduct.

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