We have a Massachusetts personal injury practice and we also handle cases in New Hampshire. Whenever we have a New Hampshire personal injury matter, we never hesitate to mediate a case with Dennis. He is amazing with out clients and we have the utmost respect for his skills as a mediator.

--Robert Mazow and Kevin McCullough
Mazow & McCullough PC
Salem, MA

We do just plaintiffs' cases. It is vitally important to know if there are problems with a case. Dennis can spot the problems and help to get our cases settled. In fact, he settles the vast majority of our cases that he mediates.
--Thomas Craig
Craig P.A.
Manchester, NH

Dennis has provided excellent mediation services. He is always completely prepared to discuss the matter, including all its nuances. He is cordial to all parties while persuasively getting both sides in a case to understand the risks involved, achieving a compromise satisfactory to all.
--Gary Burt
Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC
Manchester, NH

Dennis is the guy to go to in New Hampshire for mediations! His experience in trying cases is really second to none. He has literally tried hundreds of cases to NH juries. He brings a wealth of experience to the mediation table and I find he gets cases settled fairly efficiently and all parties walk away confident that the case was well settled!
--Frank Quinn
Boynton Waldron
Portsmouth, NH

Dennis is my first choice among the "usual suspects" to serve as the neutral for disputes in cases in which I represent either plaintiffs or defendants. He always puts my most anxious claimant clients at ease; my defense clients have found his perspectives objective and instructional.
--Andrew Dunn
Devine Millimet
Manchester, NH